Hi People,
I’m little bit struggling for making my website now.
That is first time in fifteen years. I use “Camilla” template with WordPress, But it still takes time for understanding.

I Hope that people can see like this image in my top page. If possible, please check the my website in full screen.


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. thank you mr . naru-omori
    and i wich to become like you =)

  2. Your work is truly amazing, a liked a lot… i played all those games but never know who did the concept art…

    I wish i could do that kind of work with that quality, thank you, just looking at those pics and how you described a little motivates me to be better in my job…

    Aaa.. ando your website looks great, like the image…


  3. Thanks for your kindness comment guys.
    I want to continue that make something fun for the people watching : )

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